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Please feel free to comment on my web site and images. Is there something that I can do to make your visit easier and more enjoyable?

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Question   Beautiful Pictures
Hi Bonnie I am here with bruce looking at your Pictures. What Beautiful Pictures. I am just the oppisit I shoot People. Just looking at your pictures makes me want to go and shoot some scenic photos. Keep up the great work and thanks for posting them for all of us to enjoy.

- Denis Gagnon  11/4/2011 10:11:56 AM

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Question   Bonnie
Hi Bonnie!!! just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hope you are having a great one. Ray and I had a great time at BSP with you and Bruce last weekend. Already cant wait to go back next year. just came one quick to write you. Will come back soon to check out your picks. enjoy the fall, Aimee'

- Aimee' Taylor 10/15/2011 11:48:16 AM

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Question   moose
No moose for me on this trip but just looking at your photos from that morning were very inspiring. Enjoy the rest of your trip and your website is great keep em coming !!!

- J Finkbeiner 10/14/2011 4:55:34 PM

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Question   Baxter State Park fall 2011.
Enjoyed meeting and talking to both of you at Baxter this past weekend. Love your work, nice job! Have you posted your recent work from your trip there yet? Or are you still there? I forgot to ask how long you were staying. I'm in the process of trying to post what I got on my visit this fall. Didn't see any moose in the Oct. visit. Missed PB (Pot Belly) my name for the big one hanging around S.S. Pond.

- Deborah Gracie 10/13/2011 1:43:32 AM

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Question   WOW!
I just looked at all your photos Bonnie and they are amazingly beautiful. Loved the bull moose looking at you. I don't know what "HDR" is, but those were so different and pretty. I'm sending your site to my sister in TN who is trying hard to establish herself as a photographer.
Best wishes to you in your business and in the new house.

- Peg Halpin 8/27/2011 10:22:47 AM

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Just looked at your entire web portfolio of pics. They are fantastic.

I sent the award pic. to all my relatives and close friends in Maine and told them to call you when in need of a pro-fessional photographer!

Love the website and hope you post more pics in the near future. I'll be checking it to see.

lol --Joan & Rick in Florida

- Joan Barrett 8/18/2011 9:31:36 AM

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Question   nice pictures
nice pictures , good job, dont stop, belle photos,(((( beau paysages )))

- jacques fortier 2/5/2011 1:24:30 PM

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Question   Good Job!
Beautiful work Bonnie! Some of the pictures looked like portraits! Very nice. My only concern is that I couldn't read the description of each picture. It showwed up at the bottom, but blended in with the sound buttons, etc. Other than that ... perfecto! ... Karen

- Karen Dwyer 12/17/2010 4:01:07 PM

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Question   Awesome!
Bonnie - glad we saw you today at Lowes or we would not have known about your website. It is fantastic. You have always taken great pictures but have definitely taken it far and beyond. They say to do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do and it certainly is going to pay off for you. Good luck and please keep in touch.

- Suzanne Hubbard 11/27/2010 3:47:03 PM

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Question   just looking..
Bonnie, your work is awesome. very inspiring...Dottie

- dottie shafran 10/20/2010 8:03:30 AM

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